Toll Management

  • m-Toll” developed by Cambridge Transportation Lab, is a technology based on the most reliable and fastest “go-to-market” system for converting the manual toll collection and token/ card based toll collection.

    m-Toll” features the unique system developed by CTL at its labs based in Massachusetts, USA for leveraging the available (and open source) technology of Wi-Fi to authenticate, validate and debit toll road users without the need for any dedicated hardware at the user end.

  • m-Toll-3

    • Quick deployment and very high flexibility are the hallmarks of this system.

    • There is no need to set up and maintain any inventory of physical

    • Seamless integration with existing technology and business strategies.

    • Centrally monitored real time data management for operational excellence.

    • The system offers the unique facility of “connect to user” where the toll user(s) can also be contacted remotely – this can be of immense use in dynamic traffic management and in disaster or break-down situations.

    • Analytics and customized business intelligence reports and dash board.